Wednesday, July 3, 2013

100/99: Golden Dream Wedding Cake

The photo shows Kay on her wedding night on the left with my modernized replica on the right

This cake is exciting for several reasons:

1. This cake marks the 50th anniversary of our dear friends Les and Kay.  Les had called me several months in advance to book the cake for the event.  After having discussions with family over what type of cake to make, I  received a photo of their original cake from their daughter and set out to replicate it.

2. It means that I have exceeded the original number of Rose's cakes that I committed to making. Granted this cake was not made within the same year of the other 99 but I certainly feel like a disciple of Rose.  When you make 100 of someone's recipes, it shows commitment. 

I chose Rose's Golden Dream Wedding Cake which is an almond lemon butter cake but I altered the icing to my liking. The original icing was quite yellow (the cake in the picture appears yellow becuase of the lighting/camera but it was actually off white) so I created my own white chocolate recipe.  In the beginning it was a disaster as the white chocolate kept hardening on me.  I bought some icing cans as back up but thankfully I didn't need them! With a few adjustments, the icing turned out in its consistency and taste!

The evening was a blast.  The house was packed with family and friends (well over 100 guests to celebrate the couple!) and a band entertained us outside.

So congratulations to Les and Kay on a wonderful 50 years!

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  1. I literally can not believe you made this!!!! THIS is your calling, gurl!