Monday, August 1, 2011

The Princess Ariel Cake

 Jane Bradley's 5th birthday just came up and she wanted a Princess Ariel party.  Of course if you're going to have a Princess Ariel party then you have to have an awesome Princess Ariel cake.... and that's where I become the cool aunt.

So of course, into the kitchen I go. Here's the final product:

I got to the house a little before to assemble the tiers and to add all of the finishing touches to the cake. I was just finishing up when the first little guest walked in the door and went "ooh... a Princess Ariel cake!" Then she ran up to it and looked really closely at it. 

"Now don't touch it, sweetie. Just look," I said to cover my bases.

The last part of that sentence didn't even leave my mouth before the little girl poked out her finger, stuck it straight into the cake, and then licked it.

I about died. Oh my word.  Pure rebellion... i feel sorry for that kid's parents.

But anyway, I covered it up with some more icing and went on my way.

I think Jane Bradley was pretty happy with it. Here's my sister, my niece, and me: 

 And then finally comes my favorite part cutting the cake. 

Cutting the cake is not my favorite part because that's when you get to eat the cake. Cutting the cake is my favorite part because it finally makes the voices inside my head go away. You see, the whole entire party all i'm thinking is "please don't fall over, please don't fall over, please don't melt, please don't let a little kid jump on it...." Yeah, i might have a little anxiety problem.

But alas, I finally cut the cake and all is well. You can probably tell what I'm thinking from this picture.

So happy birthday to the beautiful Jane Bradley! I can't believe she's already five.


  1. She may only know now that she loved her beautiful Ariel cake, but later, she is going to remember how incredibly special it was that each year, her aunt came home to bake her the most to-die-for cakes she had ever seen! This was really special, Janie. It made my birthday-mom dreams come true :)

  2. You are the best aunt in the world for making such an amazing and beautiful cake!!

    I laughed when you were describing why the cake cutting part is your favorite part; it reminded me of myself!

    Your niece is adorable, and happy 5th birthday to her!