Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brooke's first birthday

The cake for the adults above
The smash cake for Brooke below

My baby niece Brooke turned one several weeks ago!!  It was interesting for all of us to see a very practical demonstration of how different parenting is for a third child than for a first child.
When Jane Bradley turned 1, the whole world knew about it.  Lacey hand delivered invitations to her friends that were inside rubber duckies.  There were rubber duckies in the pool and hanging from the trees and just about anywhere else you could think of.  Lacey didn't miss a beat in making sure that it was the party of the century (aside from her wedding of course).

But about 6 years later Brooke came along as the third child.  This time the party was more intimate.  People didn't get rubber ducky invitations but the house was filled with laughter of kids from the neighborhood and family who gathered to celebrate Brooke.  It was a really sweet day-- even sweeter for Brooke when she discovered how much cake she could eat!

100/99: Golden Dream Wedding Cake

The photo shows Kay on her wedding night on the left with my modernized replica on the right

This cake is exciting for several reasons:

1. This cake marks the 50th anniversary of our dear friends Les and Kay.  Les had called me several months in advance to book the cake for the event.  After having discussions with family over what type of cake to make, I  received a photo of their original cake from their daughter and set out to replicate it.

2. It means that I have exceeded the original number of Rose's cakes that I committed to making. Granted this cake was not made within the same year of the other 99 but I certainly feel like a disciple of Rose.  When you make 100 of someone's recipes, it shows commitment.