Tuesday, May 24, 2011

16/99: Whipped Cream Cake

The whipped cream was great for two reasons:

1. The entire batter was prepared and in the pan within 5 minutes of the oven preheating.

2.  What a great, light summer cake!

The unique feature of this cake is.. get ready for this... it has NO BUTTER or OIL! What kind of cake doesn't have butter or oil?   Instead, this cake (as you can see from the title) has lots of heavy cream.  Rose says that "the butterfat contained in the cream was more than equal to the usual amount of butter added."  See, there's a reason she's so brilliant.

All in all, the cake only had 7 ingredients.  The most exotic of the ingredients was probably the heavy cream since everything else is the usual sugar, flour, eggs, baking powder, etc.

Once the cake popped out of the oven ( I did have a freak out moment because 10ish minutes into baking I realized that I had accidentally pressed convection bake instead of the regular convention bake), it smelled delicious.  This morning I sprinkled with some powdered sugar and then got a fork and knife out of the drawer, ready to dig in!

(this is the sprinkling with powdered sugar.  Alyssa and I tried to be creative/artsy and take a picture mid powdering... don't make fun)

Tasting notes:

"It's such a great cake for summer!"

"It tastes like pound cake...." - Dad

Everyone liked it a lot as it is super light and very moist.  It has a beautiful crumb to it and turned out to be the perfect cake on vacation.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes
Batter- page 29


  1. this is by far one of my favorite cakes in the book for all the reasons you said. your cake looks perfect!

  2. I love this cake. Definitely one of my favorite non-choc cakes in the book. Tried the following variation: flavored with freshly ground cardamom (served with mango slices on the side). Would like to try it with citrus zest sometime.

  3. This was one probably the most favorite cake in the book. Everyone loved it. And it's so easy! I've made it more than once and it's fantastic with berries poured over the top. Can't wait to try it with summer peaches.