Friday, August 19, 2011

The one that's not a cake

 I've officially crossed the line of insanity. I know. 

I started learning to use the sewing machine last week when I decided to quilt some old fabric scraps.  Last night, I got ambitious and made a tee-shirt quilt out of all of my old tee shirts.  Then I had scraps left over from the tee-shirts so I decided to make an apron. 

How do I have so much spare time you ask? Honestly, I'm asking myself the same question. Class starts on Monday so I decided to use this weekend to do absolutely nothing.  But I have this issue where doing absolutely nothing stresses me out because I have to be doing something. So sewing kills two birds with one stone. I can sit in front of a TV and let my mind go completely blank while my body is actually being productive. Brilliant.

So this is the product of my laziness. I know it's cheesy to put the name of my blog on my apron but what else would I put on it? I hate monograms and any other phrase I could think of was too long or even cheesier than my blog title.

This project was extra fun too because I discovered new stitches. So as you can see, there are many different stitches all over the apron.

So thanks for humoring me with my non-cake post.  Back to the kitchen soon!

1 comment:

  1. I love your apron and share a similarity. I too need to be busy when I'm not busy. Sitting and using one's hands to sew fits the bill perfectly. I think your embroidery looks lovely and impressed that your apron name looks just like your blog name.