Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rosemary Butter

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

I know, I know.  We still have a week till Thanksgiving Day.  But, this weekend officially begins THANKSGIVING BREAK! It was definitely time.  I spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing in order to regain my sanity and today, my roommates and I have been cleaning out our house before heading home for the holidays.

I had an unopened carton of heavy whipping cream in the fridgerator and I couldn't bear to throw it out unused.  I was looking at food porn online (seriously, the name is completely appropriate- check it out and suddenly became inspired to make butter.    But normal butter is no fun.  I went outside and chopped some rosemary, threw some garlic in there, and added some salt and red pepper. 

Making butter is incredibly easy.  My only memory of making butter goes back to about first grade when we got to churn butter in class.  My muscles were small then and it was exhausting.  My butter didn't turn out as well as my friends.  I'm a pretty competitive person so butter making has never had it's same appeal since then.  

Enter Kitchen Aid.

Now butter is incredibly easy and pretty fool-proof.   First you just whip the heavy cream until it granulates.

Then you squeeze out all of the left over liquid (it's buttermilk). 

Then its time to add the herbs.  Here's the rosemary:

And then the red pepper, garlic, and salt:

And that's it!! It was really delicious. I was actually probably a little too proud of it.  I put it on some cut up slices of bread and put it in the oven and yummmmmy. It was fantastic.

Now I might just make my own butter!

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