Sunday, August 28, 2011

41/99: Chocolate Raspberry Trifle


Today is my 22nd birthday and as pathetic as it sounds, i decided to make my own birthday cake.

The thing is, if you are baking 99 cakes in a year and have a few that you just can't WAIT to try, it makes total sense that you would make your own birthday cake.  This is one of those cakes that I've been oohing and aahing over for about 4 months so it's basically my birthday present to myself. Meet the chocolate raspberry trifle.

The last trifle i made was the Saint Honore Trifle and it took me forever.  I expected this one to take forever as well just because it is a trifle. But the Saint Honore Trifle was the fifth cake i made in the cake challenge so I think it was a bit more difficult because I had not had as much practice.  This one took less than half the time (Thank goodness!).

I didn't take pictures of the process because I've done most of it before.  The cake itself is the Moist Raspberry Genoise recipe so that was basically a repeat.  Then you make the crème anglaise which took much less time than it used to.  The only problem that I ran into here is that my thermometer was accidentally set on CELSIUS instead of Fahrenheit so when it wasn't getting hot enough i was freaking out. It finally got to about 93 degrees after 10 minutes and that's when i figured out that it was the wrong measurement. whatever. It was only supposed to be 81 degrees Celsius (180 Fahrenheit) so maybe it got a little too thick. Who cares though... it still tasted good.

Then you make the raspberries and preserves. It's pretty easy.   You basically throw some raspberries in with some preserves and chambord and you're good to go.  Then you throw the rest of the preserves in with some heavy cream and chambord and make the whipped topping.

It's actually a very simple trifle.  I was really pleased with it.

People seemed to like it for the most part.  It didn't go over quite as well as the Saint Honore Trifle (where people were actually licking the bowl) but it was still good.  It was really pretty (which I loved) and a festive cake for a birthday.  If I'm cooking 99+ cakes in a year, I want a freaking awesome one for my birthday.  it gets an A for beauty and B for taste.


  1. Happy Birthday! I think all bakers make their own birthday cake, so not pathetic at all. Your trifle looks beautiful--perfect for a birthday! I think most of us who have made both Heavenly Cakes trifles agree the St. Honore trifle is the better.

  2. Well, i did make you a birthday cake! It may not be as beautiful or as tasty as yours but I have the molded remains in my refrigerator to prove it! Happy Birthday sweetheart! I love you dearly!

  3. Happy Birthday Jane. I often wish I would make my own birthday cake. I usually let my husband buy one and then they never taste home made - strange huh? You did a beautiful job and it is a very pretty cake. I loved the strawberry preserves in the whipped cream.