Friday, April 6, 2012

91:99/ She Loves Me Cake

The cake marathon has officially begun.  I went from 99 cakes in 365 days to 9 cakes in 3. Thanks to all of you for your input/encouragement over the past couple days via facebook/text/blog to tell me to keep going!

Here's the list for the next few days:

Miette's Tomboy
Chocolate apricot roll with lacquer glaze
True orange genoise
Torta de las tres leches
Le succes
Mini vanilla bean pound cakes
Marion berry short cake
Bernachon palet d'or gateau

Back to the She Loves Me Cake- 

This cake was delicious and easy so I was a little mad that I didn't make it earlier.  I can think of a lot of adjectives: sweet, fluffy, soft, velvety, tender, buttery, vanilla-y, heavenly.

Rose made hers in the Nordic Ware Daisy Cake Pan with some cute daisys on top but I didn't care to spend 30 bucks on it so I went with my stellar fluted tube pan.

And seriously when I say easy, I mean SO easy.  The recipe is less than half a page- way to go Rose!  

First you mix the liquid ingredients: egg yolks, milk, vanilla


Then mix the dry ones: cake flour, sugar, baking powder, salt.  

Add the butter and put it in the pan!

 And yum!

I had a little marathon party at my house last night to kick it off and the cake went over pretty well.  Now my friends have caught on the fact that I quote them on the blog so they've been giving me some funny quotes:

Anna: The taste doesn't really go away... and it's GOOD!

Sarah in valley girl accent: "y'all, like this is so good! #y'all

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  1. Oh my word. If you're looking for away to get rid of extra cake...I receive mail. FYI.