Saturday, April 7, 2012

97/99: Le Succés

This one was definitely not a success right away.

The cake itself was easy.  I don't even know if I would call it a cake.  To me it was more like a meringue cookie or something. 

 First you process the almonds:

Then its seven egg whites meringue time:

Plus the nut mixture:

Then you make your own stencil for piping the batter:

Cook it and it's done!

For some reason the ganache got to me though.  I didn't have creme fraiche so I just doubled up on heavy cream thinking that every single ganache I've made for rose is made entirely of heavy cream so substituting could not be a bad thing.


It never thickened. 

So at 10 pm after trying to doctor it up, I dashed to wal-mart to buy some new ingredients to make a different ganache.

As you could tell it ended up working- and honestly if that's the only thing that went wrong today in the 7 cake marathon then I'm doing pretty good.

Can't wait to taste it tomorrow to see if the ganache works with it or not!

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