Saturday, April 7, 2012

93/99: Mini Vanilla Bean Pound Cakes

I am flying through these! It's fun being at my parents house to do this because their kitchen is HUGE, I have 2 sinks, 3 ovens, and lots of natural lighting.  And surround sound with the Head and the Heart pandora station playing. I feel like a rockstar.

I actually only have 2 cakes left to make now... the rest are all cooling / waiting to be composed with the other parts of the cakes. Like I said, I'm flying through them.

I woke up this morning and prepped all seven cakes:

 And I brought home my kitchen aid so  I have double the power/speed now:

Then I started on the mini vanilla bean pound cakes!

Yesterday as I was driving home, I was flipping through the radio and stopped when I heard something about vanilla beans.  They said that ice cream prices would most likely go up this summer because there was some vanilla  bean crisis so now they cost a lot more.  I've been trying to figure out what the vanilla bean crisis is this year so if you know then pass along the info. I thought it was really strange...

So I started with the vanilla beans and the sugar:

Then had to run them through a food processor to make sure they were mixed thoroughly.

Then comes the egg mixture: eggs, milk and more vanilla extract:

Dry ingredients with butter:

Then you mix it all up and you have your final batter! Because it has such a high butter content, Rose said it would look curdled and, as you can see, it most definitely does:

When they came out of the oven, I brushed them with a sugar cognac syrup:


And then they were done!

I've decided to wait until tomorrow to cut into all of them so wait for a giant post tomorrow on tasting!

Rose's Heavenly Cakes- page 325

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