Sunday, March 25, 2012

90/99: Chocolate Bull's Eye Cakes

Time is ticking. Has anyone else noticed the clock on the right side of the page? Just in case you didn't, it says THIRTEEN DAYS! AAH!!!!!

So 9 cakes to bake in 13 days.  And I'm taking 18 hours of upper level classes this semester with tests coming up in almost all of them. And believe it or not I do have a social life. Again, AAHHH!!!

So the question is, am I going to finish on time? Should I extend the deadline to remove the stress or still shoot for it?

For some reason I really want to finish on time. I've worked so hard on this all year long and I want to reach the goal that I set for myself. And honestly, it's only 9 cakes.

But then again, it's 9 whole cakes. that's 10% of the project.  I really enjoy baking but I don't want these 9 cakes to be absolutely miserable because I'm trying to whip them out really quickly.  I would have to have a baking marathon this weekend and Easter weekend in order to finish.

So thoughts anyone? Should I try to finish on time or extend the deadline?

 This cake was good but I think it could have been better.  I made the cakes two days ago and stuck them in the fridge because I didn't have time to finish them then.  I think that was a bad idea because it was tough and didn't soak up the syrup when I finally brushed it on there.

The cakes themselves are sponge cakes.  Once they cool, you cut out a cavity in the top, brush it with syrup, coat it with a glaze, fill it with chocolate cream, and then drizzle chocolate glaze on top.  The recipe calls for apricot glaze but I didn't have any apricot jelly so I substituted raspberry.  As a result I made the syrup with Chambord and then added some Chambord to the glaze too.

Maybe in a couple months I'll re-make this one and see if I like it better when its completely fresh.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes- page 363


  1. Do you have a choice of the 8? Like can you do the whipped cream cake? The coconut cream cake? Heritage pan bunds? Bostini? Financiers? Lemon poppyseed pound? Baby grands?--- Bingo! These are each a snap ; )

  2. extend your deadline! you don't want to rush such a fun experience. it makes no real difference if you finish later anyway, right? anyway,love reading your blog and reminiscing about our michael buble adventure!