Thursday, March 22, 2012

88/99: Blackberry Crown Cheesecake

When I was in kindergarten, I had a friend named Anna who had a Pocahontas birthday party. I got an invitation and was so excited because it was a dress up party and that meant that I could wear my favorite dress--my Pocahontas dress.  My mom was concerned that Anna was supposed to be the only Pocahontas so of course she called Anna's mom just to check.  Her mom was so sweet and assured her that it would be just fine! We're good ol' Mississippi folk down here- no one would never say no to a kid wearing a Pocahontas dress.  I happily wore my Pocahontas dress and life went on just fine.

This year when I transferred to Ole Miss, I came in contact with Anna again! We hadn't seen each other for a long time so it was fun to catch up. A couple of months ago a big group of us decided to go out to dinner and Anna mentioned something about the Pocahontas party.  I didn't remember it at all so I asked her about it.  As soon as she started telling the story, a lot of people at the table started laughing because they had already heard it before.  Long story short, Anna was devastated because she wasn't the only Pocahontas at her Pocahontas birthday party.  Oops.

Since we're all seniors and graduating (well some of us anyway), we're trying to celebrate when our friends get jobs.  Anna recently got a job in Texas that we are all super excited about so we had a surprise congratulations party-- the theme: Pocahontas. I made a Pocahontas costume and then served the cheesecake!!

It was a really easy cheesecake to make.  I decided to buy ladyfingers for the crust since I had already made them before.  You just mix a pound of cream cheese in a mixer with a few other things and then pour it in the pan. Done.

It went over really well at the party! Compliments all around. I used blackberries instead of cranberries because they didn't carry those in the freezer sections. I think it was a good switch.

This is another recipe that I think i'll be keeping around.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes- page 243


  1. Ummm, you cannot say that you made a Pocahontas costume and not show it. Cake looks delicious!

  2. It was delicious, thank you very much for sharing your recipe.