Thursday, September 15, 2011

47/99: Many-Splendored Quick Bread

Sometimes I make a cake when I don't have anything in particular to take it to. In that case, I open the book to the least exciting thing I can find and pour my heart into it.  This cake is a testament to my pretty low key week. No tests. No papers. No assignments.

The many-splendored quick bread looks good and easy but scared me away when I saw zucchini in the ingredients. And carrots. I'm not a huge vegetable person though I'm trying to get better at it.  When I eat cake though, it is supposed to be a treat.  I felt like this cake was doing what you have to do for your dogs when you give them medicine: wrap the pill up in a piece of meat. In my case, I'm disguising my veggies in lots of sugar. 

The great thing about the cake is that the "quick" in the title is not deceiving.  I made chicken enchiladas and as soon as I put them in the oven, I started working on the bread.  15 minutes later (I know because I had to hurry before my friends came over) it was ready. 

My favorite part about making this cake was the chopping.  I never use the chopper blade on my food processor and this was the perfect opportunity to whip it out.  I used to work at a cooking store in Chattanooga called Mia Cucina where I occasionally taught cooking classes for kid's birthday parties.  We made pizza in the class and each child got to put a block of cheese into the food processor and watch it shred completely within a few seconds.  It was great seeing their eyes light up at the efficiency of the food processor.  Using it this time brought back some sweet memories.


I'm not a huge fan. It's good bread, don't get me wrong. But for all the crazy ingredients in it, I was a little disappointed in the flavor. It seems to be missing a zing to it.  To me it blends in with every other bread-cake. 

One of my housemates, Liz, completely agreed.  It's just not a special dessert.

One of my other housemates, Elise, seemed to like it a lot.  I decided to throw the rest of it away after we all had a bit because there's no point in allowing semi-good cake to contribute to our waistlines. But Elise saved the day for the quick bread.  So currently, about half of a loaf is sitting in our kitchen waiting on her or some other kind friend to come eat it.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes
Many Splendored Quick Bread- page 131

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