Monday, April 4, 2011

Velvet Butter

This is Rose's Velvet Butter cake. Yum. 

I was suddenly struck this afternoon with a strong desire to make a cake. Life didn't matter anymore- the only thing that mattered was the cake. So I flipped open the pantry and figured out what I could make with what I have.

It's really not a challenging cake and it turned out nicely with a beautiful golden crust.

here's the cake sans glaze:

In theme of tonight, I decided to make a glaze with a little Malibu Rum. I used a basic glaze recipe- stick of butter, melted, 4 cups of conf. sugar, vanilla, hot water, and of course Malibu.

Garnish with a few chocolate shavings and voila! Bon appetit!

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  1. I am not sure it's a good thing for me to read your blog while pregnant! Everything looks amazing!