Monday, April 4, 2011


I recently found a website called  I'm addicted to it.  You can pick any category that you like and it takes you to different websites within that category that you might find interesting.  A couple weeks ago, i found the recipe for a fraisier. A fraisier is a light cake (usually a genoise) that originated in France. They turn out to be beautiful cakes if you do it right.  This was my first time and I definitely have some learning to do.

Where I went wrong with the cake is that I didn't make enough filling and as a result, the strawberries were so full inside of the cake that it tasted more of strawberry than of anything else.  You can see that the top is peaked because of the strawberries inside (oops).

I want to try it again because after making a few adjustments and decorating it a bit more, I think i can make a beautiful cake. Here's take one but stay tuned for take two!

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  1. I like your new blog! I shared it with a friend at work who forwarded it to her daughter... Food Network watch out!!