Monday, April 4, 2011

Jane Bradley's Topsy Turvy Cake

 Before you look at it, know that it is supposed to be lopsided. that's the point of a topsy turvy cake. Think Dr. Seuss.

This is my first ever attempt at a Topsy Turvy Cake.  Here's what goes down: Each tier of the cake consists of three layers.  The strawberry flavored layer turned out to be more than three because the layers weren't thick enough and because I used a brownie layer in the middle for support. You place the first two layers like normal (with icing in between of course) then you cut the third layer in half diagonally.  You flip the second half of the third layer to where the thick side matches up with the thick side of the other half- that's your top layer.

Once you get all of your tiers assembled and iced, then you have to shave the base to where the top is wider than the bottom.  Then you cut around the cardboard base and measure the new bottom.   Once you have the bottom measured, you cut the size out of the top of the tier that it will sit on so that it will sit flat on top of the second layer- you don't want any tiers falling off the cake now do you!

Here are my layers before cut the circles out of the tops of them:

And here is the final product sans lollipops:

It was a cute cake- fit for a 4 year old.  What i didn't do properly is give the cake enough support on the outsides- big mistake- as I didn't angle the cuts in the third layers.  I cut straight into them.  As a result, the slanted tiers pushed out the third layer, making the cake much less stable.

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