Monday, January 16, 2012

I'll have all of them please

Strawberry Cheesecake

 Cherry Cake

No, I didn't make these desserts.

But if you go on a cruise any time soon and see the sentence "One dessert per guest please" on a menu, I might be the customer who ruined it for everyone.  I would say sorry about that to you but I'm really not. Here's why:

One of my new years resolutions can be summarized in the question, “why not?” It’s been a great resolution so far as its gotten me to Memphis for New Years and Chicago for a good time with friends (hence my lack of posting lately).  This week, my “why not” resolution manifests itself in a different way.

This week is my family’s “last” (it sounds horrible but it really means last one for awhile) family vacation all together because one of my sisters is about to move to South America for an unknown number of years. Because of all of the kids under age 5 that we have running around, my parents opted to go on a cruise in the Caribbean.

I’ll be honest- I wasn’t that excited because I had a combination of the immobile lazy people on Wall*e and Bourdrillard’s ideas on hyperreality going through my head.  It didn’t sound too great.  But the boat is gigantic (seriously, it’s the biggest one in the world) and of course it offers plenty of things like wine tasting courses that I love.

If you’ve never cruised before, know that almost all the food on the boat is free. It’s wonderful except for the fact that you have to wake up the next day and put on a bathing suit.  As part of my “why not” philosophy though, I’ve decided to try as much of the dessert as possible.  So why not order almost every dessert on the menu each night at dinner?? I think I just might do that.

So these are the three desserts for tonight.  I ate two of them- one is Jane Bradley’s. Personally I prefer Rose's stuff but the fact that I can bring these about with a magic word is pretty great too. We'll see what the next dinner has in store for me!

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