Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bad news

Dear faithful readers,

My oven is broken. It is a very sad day.  The man was supposed to be out yesterday to fix it but until then I cannot keep up! I'll be back on the ball as soon as I can because I really would love to bake right now.

Don't leave me yet!



  1. Sad news, indeed. You'll catch up soon.

  2. Oh no! When my oven broke last year it was a super sad day too. Hang in there! Like Lois said, you'll catch up in no time!

  3. So sad! I hope your oven gets fixed good as new as soon as possible.

  4. Oh boy. I'd be very sad too. I hope it gets fixed ASAP (don't these people know that a broken oven is a BIG emergency??!!!) :o)

  5. thanks guys! haha yeah I really don't think these people understand. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for early next week!