Friday, June 3, 2011

17/99 Peanut Butter Ingots

I was honestly pretty excited about making these. I love peanut butter. I love cake. And I even ordered my silicone financier mold from amazon. As soon as it came in, I set my ingredients out and got ready.

I made these for the first time about 2 weeks ago. They smelled wonderful but as soon as they came out, we tried them and were not impressed.  I had quite a few people try them and they all politely put them back on their plates.  I was at my parents house and as I pulled out of the driveway, I saw my mom walk outside and feed the rest of them to the dogs. Ouch.

Rose doesn't have a lot of cakes that just aren't good so I made them again last week, thinking that I must have messed them up. I measured carefully and made sure that everything was perfect. They came out once again looking great and smelling great. I took pictures, confident that these would taste wonderful, just like everyone else says.

But yet again, they were not a hit. They tasted the same so no one really loved them.

Our conclusions:

1. We eat way too much peanut butter around here so they weren't peanut buttery enough

2. we are from the deep south and therefore we only like things that taste primarily of sugar. These don't.

Making them was pretty easy though.  You have to toast some sliced almonds in the oven first so even from the beginning your kitchen smells like heaven.

Then you make the beurre noisette (french for hazelnut butter- you just melt the butter until the fats turn brown and then using a fine mesh strainer, you separate the butter from the milk solids).  Once you've done those things, your golden. Throw the almonds into the food processor with the powdered sugar  Beat the egg whites then add the almond mixture. Then add the beurre noisette and the peanut butter and voila! they are ready to go into the molds.

They smell so good and they look so inviting that I'm really disappointed that I wasn't impressed.  I think i'm going to try the gold ingots soon and see if it was just a peanut butter thing that I didn't love.

And for a small update- I still have no internet at my house and my oven is broken. I just moved to Oxford, MS so it's taking awhile to get the house into shape.  In the meantime I'll be using other people's stuff who will trade some oven space for a piece of cake. (So if you live and Oxford and are willing, then I'm asking).

Rose's Heavenly Cakes
peanut butter ingots- page 317

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