Saturday, June 11, 2011

20/99: Red fruit cake

I was incredibly excited to get invited  to a friend's house this weekend to make dinner and dessert.  I discovered the Oxford farmer's market this week (a tip from another friend) and could not pass up the opportunity to make a cake with fresh fruit! I was sad that this didn't have cherries in it because it is cherry season!

Here are my fresh strawberries, ready to be sliced:

Then i mixed them up with dried currants (you really can't find fresh one's anywhere around here) and some raspberries and some superfine sugar.

After about 2 hours, you put the strawberries over a strainer and drain out the juices. Then I added some Chambord liquor and some water to make the sauce to flavor the cake.

Then for the cake.  The cake recipe is the Rose genoise which I just baked in a 9 in round pan instead of the beautiful rose pan that she does hers in.

Then you cut into the cake about a fourth of an inch and then brush the fruit syrup onto the cake.

Finally, it's time to add the fruit!

Everyone seemed to really like it. I added the creme fraiche topping to it as well. It was a really light dessert with all of the fruit and tasted very fresh.


One friend who has been a trooper and has eaten all the cakes that i've made here says that that this one is her favorite.  That's definitely a good sign.

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  1. looks great! i was trying to figure out which cake to bake this week and this might be it!