Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

I really shouldn't be on my computer right now because I have a list of about 20 things to make before the Christmas Eve service tonight, but I got a new camera for Christmas and I've been snapping photos all day.  And seriously--what kid wouldn't want to play with her new toy at Christmas before doing the grown up stuff?

Part of the Travis family tradition is to open one gift on Christmas eve.  The gift is always pajamas and that way we get to wake up in Christmas morning with our new pajamas already on.  I'm all upset this year because we're doing Santa after church since my sister has to do Santa at her own house on Christmas morning.  I announced this afternoon that everyone was going to have to change back into their Christmas pajamas after we get back from church but my family wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I am about it. So much is different this year.  For instance, now that we're all grown up, my nieces and nephews can't stay up late enough on Christmas eve after our Christmas eve party so we've switched to a Christmas eve breakfast. But I secretly kind of like it that way--good food all day for 2 days straight.

Anyway, my pajamas this year said "I majored in wine tasting" (hah funny mom... but yes true). And, as I already mentioned, I got a new camera that my mom let me open today so that the whole event could be properly documented! Yay! Now my pictures will look much better.

But before I go crazy putting tons of pictures for you to look at, check out this video in celebration of Christmas.  Some kids from New Zealand (?) made their own version of the Christmas story and it is the cutest thing you will ever see:

But if you're ready for some more pictures (and since I haven't made any cakes that are ready to be photographed) here are some pictures of my lovely family during our little Christmas Eve traditions:


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